Currency Buy Back

If you have holiday money left over, why exchange it at the bank or the airport? By using PirkxFX you can save a fortune in comparison!

Our rates are up to 10% better than your traditional retailers meaning more money for your next trip!

The process is easy, just follow our 4 step guide below and you can save money now.


How It Works

STEP 1: Fill in the fields below and then click the 'Place Order' button and check to make sure all of your details are correct

STEP 2: Print off the confirmation email you receive and send this in with your currency (if you are unable to print, please send a hand written cover letter).

STEP 3: Use Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery at your local post office and use one of their free special delivery tamper-proof envelopes and post to:


STEP 4: When we receive your order we will contact you to confirm your details and arrange for the funds to be in your bank account within 4 working days of receiving your order.

CURRENCIES ACCEPTED: City Forex will buy any currency listed on our website provided that the currency comes in note form and is in circulation we do not accept coinage of any kind. Customers will be charged to return any coinage or outmoded notes which are received, or it will be donated to charity. We are also unable to buy any 500 EUR notes or 1,000 CHF (Swiss Franc) notes. If you send any of these denominations, you will be charged to return them.

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