About Us

One of our founders was a currency dealer and she likes to share access to great foreign exchange rates with her friends and family via the lovely team at CityForex. She founded Pirkx to share these same fair and fabulous rates with a wider audience via pirkxFX.com, the ‘Everyone’ Benefits Revolution, and beyond…

At pirkxFX we’re all about making it cheaper and easier for you to access foreign currency. Whether you’re travelling overseas on business or going on your holidays, our expert service will bring you ultimate convenience at fair and fabulous rates.

pirkxFX was founded to share fair and fabulous rates to a wider audience via pirkx.com, the ‘Everyone’ Benefits Revolution, and beyond…

In providing a specialist foreign exchange service we are committed to ensuring you get the best possible service. We do this through:

  • Convenience: we provide currency on a next day basis for home delivery, or for collection at many locations around the UK
  • Great value: you’ll receive around 10% more on your currency when compared with airport bureaus, and save significant amounts over using traditional high street banks
  • Safety: all orders are fully insured until your money is signed for (for deliveries by post) or collected
  • Security: our services are fulfilled by City Forex – a multi-national business with a strong credit rating

pirkxFX” pirkfx.com is a website which is wholly owned by Pirkx Limited. Pirkx gives access to an online travel currency delivery and collection service, and other foreign exchange services provided entirely by City Forex Limited. pirkFX in this document refers to the services provided by City Forex Limited to the Client.